Arbor aims to raise awareness on the current issues of our age, to design new collaborative models in the light of global mega trends and to produce creative solutions by supporting free thought.

Arbor is an institution inspired by nature and adopts universal truths as a principle. As a company trying to create value for the individual and believing in the power of coactive production, it knows its responsibilities for the future and adopts the mission of constant learning and gathering around the “common interest” for social wealth.


Aylin Gezgüç

Aylin Gezgüç


She is the Founder of ARBOR Impact Design and a Board Member of "Hayata Destek Derneği" (Support to Life Association). She is working on impact design to create shared value using her knowledge of economic and social development issues in the public and private sectors in the focus of establishing collaborations...

Deniz Akoğul

Deniz Akoğul

Creative Director

She works as a Creative Designer at Arbor Impact Design and Consultancy. She develops creative ideas and visual communication designs for sustainable development projects and leads communication studies...

Mürvet Koru

Professional Coach & Facilitator

She works as a Professional Coach at Arbor Impact Design and Consultancy and takes charge in Development Workshops. She establishes a mutual relation with people within the scope of her coaching and aims to trigger transformation in the person...

İremnur Koç

Project Assistant

İremnur Koç is a graduate of Psychology and is a Non-Formal Education Instructor based on experiential learning. She is interested in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Education and Sustainability.