Before Graduation

Mezun Olmadan (Before Graduation) program is designed with the aim to raise the awareness of university students, who are in the closest position to business life, on issues that they did not encounter in a course throughout their education life, but that affect both their present and their future.

In this way, it is aimed to turn young people who begin to work in the business world into responsible leaders with a sustainability perspective, as well as being more entrepreneurial and innovative.

The belief that a world led by young people who are sensitive to social issues and a part of the solution will be more beautiful is the greatest motivation of the “Mezun Olmadan” program.

Between May and June 2020, young people from 7 different universities came together as part of the pilot scheme. Main topics such as self-awareness, identifying social problems & problem solving, getting to know career trends and orientation accordingly, were shaped on the basis of sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The nature of the program, which has an interactive design and supports teamwork, increased the motivation of students to work together.

In the Pre-Post surveys conducted, while “investigative” and “determined” showed significant improvement among the measured personality traits, on the other hand, students’ hopes for the future and, most importantly, their believes that they can shape the future improved.

“Mezun Olmadan” program now aims to expand its scope of students through collaborations.

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