Circle Up

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Circle Up is a social enterprise where high school students discover themselves and create a social impact.

At Circle Up, young people experience lifelong learning through entrepreneurship. Young people who undertake the leadership of Circle Up on this journey get acquainted with concepts such as entrepreneurship, 21st century skills and trends, volunteering and they gain ground to become a star of impact. Thus, Circle Up enables young people to make conscious university and profession choices and aims to support the development of entrepreneurial eco-system in Turkey and also the formation of the young volunteer network.

Circle Up, which has been in operation since 2017, has reached more than 80 schools and more than 300 students in 3 years. More than 46 projects providing solutions to the problems addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals have been produced and 2 students have won university scholarships with the projects they have developed. Also, Circle Up has been named one of the top 3 social enterprises in Turkey at the Social Impact Awards organized by Impact Hub in about 20 countries.

For more information and details on the programs, you can check our website: http://circle-

You can follow us on social media: @circleup21