CSR Project Focused on Social Gender Equality

A project was designed aiming to support textile workers who are innovative, creative and sensitive to sustainability and strong in design

“ Inspired by the idea that the economic and social impacts of the women’s labor power that contribute to the fashion industry by taking active part in business life are so valuable, we wanted to realize a social project through which we aimed to set an example for the sector while impacting the society we live in. In our company, where 85% of the employees are female, we have taken into account the valuable contributions of women employment to our business processes. On this journey we started out by accepting the theme of “education” as our focus, we aimed to inspire and guide especially all women who want to take active roles in this sector and to create a social impact by taking action with them. As a company that has the most long-established and prestigious brands of the Turkish textile industry, we have become much more aware of our social responsibility. Thanks to Arbor Impact, we saw clearly how a comprehensive design training to be designed to bring young generations into business life in the field of fashion and textile will be an important starting point for this project and how we can more accurately optimize the stops on our roadmap throughout the process.”