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Future of Ceramics (FoC) – Generation 4.0

A project design and implementation supported by Circle Up, which enabled young people, who are the building blocks of our future, to acquire 21st century business world skills and to interact with the production sector on the ground of innovation, was realized.

“ Our sincere regards to Arbor Impact Family,
Although the word “ceramic” exists in its name, the “Future of Ceramics” project actually consists of an impact circle that puts “human” at its center and aims to leave a more livable world to people and society, improve their skills and build social impact. It is a long-termed project that includes current employees, future generations, current labor force and community programs. The main objective of this four-legged project is to touch and impact all stakeholders at every stage of ceramic production.
The most important factor that brought us together with Arbor, which aims to raise awareness against the current problems of our age, to design new collaborative models in the light of global mega trends and to produce creative solutions by supporting free thinking, in this project was the value given to people by both organizations.
The founding journey of Arbor, whose name is derived from the Latin word for “sapling”, is very similar to ours. The story of Kaleseramik, which led the establishment of the ceramics industry in Turkey, started with our esteemed elder, İbrahim Bodur, the Founder and Honorary President of Kale Group, planting a young tree 63 years ago in Çanakkale. The branches of that young tree turned into a giant sycamore spreading from Çan to all four corners of the earth today.
Together with the ‘Future of Ceramics’ program, which we ran together with Kingfisher under the consultancy of Arbor Impact, bringing together the interaction at national and international level at the center of common interest; we made it our duty to contribute to the establishment of an eco-system that ensures Turkey to make its presence felt influentially in the ceramics industry for many years.
The impact analysis we carried out in the project, which we started to implement in November 2018 with the motto of “Learning Companies”, shows that these training programs not only increased the knowledge and skill level of our employees but also increased the questioning skills, awareness and self-confidence of the participants.
We will also support the education of young people who are curious, thinking, researching and creative, thus helping to prepare the future employees for the business world. The way to adapt by interiorizing change, to be agile and to manage opportunities by welcoming them timely and effectively, is possible through feeling this change in our entire impact area and sustaining it.
As Kaleseramik, we see ceramics, which was born in the geography we live in and has a history of 8 thousand years, as a cultural heritage handed down to us by Anatolia above all. As a well-established Turkish company encouraged by this unique experience, we have become one of the world’s leading ceramic producers. We know that we have a much greater potential with our expertise in the field of ceramics, our modern and creative approach and our strong structure. In line with this belief, we will continue to establish lasting relationships, strong friendships and to unite our products with consumers across the world.
We hope that the young trees of Arbor Impact, who guided us on this journey with research studies in line with skills of the 21st century, will embrace the whole world and we wish the company many years of success.”