Arbor Impact produces social benefit; creates positive value in targeted change and development areas with its impact-oriented design, development and entrepreneurship perspective.


Impact-oriented CRS projects

Designing corporate responsibility and sustainability projects that will create a leverage effect in the area where the need is high and the influence of the institution is strong

Impact-oriented communication and reputation strategy

Designing communication of the impact-oriented works carried out with a holistic perspective for all internal and external stakeholders

Project design in line with company identity, vision and values

Designing innovation and social entrepreneurship processes that focus on the values and sustainability principles of companies in order to close the gap between their vision and current situation

Impact-oriented stakeholder management

Adaptation of stakeholder relations in the areas of change and development determined by the institution

Change Management

Providing consultancy services to improve the responsibility and sustainability works determined and implemented by associating them with the vision, mission and activities of the institution

Subject-based research

Conducting and evaluating thematic research studies in the required areas of change and development

Impact-oriented scaling

Analyzing the work carried out with a 360-degree project perspective and focus of impact and presenting improvement strategies


Individual-corporate impact management trainings

Providing trainings including theoretical studies and workshops in the fields of impact design, implementation and measurement

Capacity building programs

Programs designed for institutions in the required improvement and development areas

Governance and network development (Collaborations with academic community, public sector, private sector, civil society and entrepreneurs)

Designing strategies and mechanisms that ensure the strengthening of sustainability studies, which are managed by the institutions, through collaborations in the light of governance guidelines and principles


Impact-oriented workshops prepared seasonally or as needed in the areas of transformation, change and development

Coaching programs

Meaning-oriented development programs that prepare institutions and individuals for transformation for a sustainable world

Compass and Impact Workshops

Supporting individuals in their personal areas and in the processes of revealing their potential by acting together for change


Circle Up

Circle Up is a social enterprise where high school students discover themselves and create social impact.

MezunOlmadan (Before graduation)

is an initiative that inspires university students in areas such as sustainability, entrepreneurship and volunteering, and supports them in becoming the responsible leaders of the future.

Impact Design Talks

Inspirational videos via conversations with different individuals orĀ  representatives of institutions who work for a sustainable world and understand the language of the circular economy